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ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Episode 2

Sat 26 Nov 12:22pm

>Show starts at 5PM GMT/ 12PM EST
>Repeat will shown Sunday at 8PM GMT/ 3PM EST
>Will be shown on https://beam.pro/LOLWrestling

Tonight on CHRONOSLAM...

Over the last week the tensions between the wrestlers on the Epoch have grown as we move towards The Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport.

Diesel has made a formal challenge to Kofi Kingston for the Limitless Championship at the event - we understand that former two time Limitless Champion Dusty Rhodes has asked for a match against Diesel tonight to show Diesel what the division is all about.

After we went off the air following Self F5's dominant victory over the Hit Squad, the lesser known team of Brian Pillman and Stardust (Pilldust) announced they they are challenging the Parallel Champions for their titles at The Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport. Tonight they meet for the first time two on two.

We also understand that General Manager Sin Cara has announced tonight will be the final match in the Best of Seven Series between Asuka and Paige where the winner will get 5 points. We weren't aware this was a Best of Seven Series but Sin Cara informed us he was too busy being a fucking awesome General Manager and told us to get out of his corridor...

Sat 26 Nov 6:03pm

We Havoc '98'd all over the place :P

Month 1 - Talent Initiative

Sat 26 Nov 12:16pm

The ballot is complete we now need to VOTE who to save!

You have one vote (which you can change) so vote wisely:

The lucky wrestler will be picked up during the broadcast of The Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport.

Thread was locked:
Poll's closed
Tune in to GNITHOOS 9 on 10th December to see who was saved... - redreddington

Sat 26 Nov 12:33pm

Results of the ballot - 11 wrestlers received 2 or more so that was the cut off.

Sat 26 Nov 2:42pm

The fact we can only save one of these people's lives is sad. Sin Cara truly is the cruelest GM.

ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Episode 1

Sat 19 Nov 2:35pm

>Show starts at 8PM GMT/ 3PM EST
>Will be shown on https://beam.pro/LOLWrestling

Tonight on CHRONOSLAM...

Last week Dusty Rhodes defeated the Undertaker in an instant classic. His words to Big Evil were simple - become the Undertaker he knew he could be. Live the dream. But perhaps those simple words may have been a mistake. The Undertaker has a fire under him like never before and with his violent tendencies and goon squad by his side those words cast a shadow over the entire locker room.

Also tonight, Sin Cara deals with his frustrating loss to Steve Austin, Asuka attempts to prove she belongs in the Fortuna division and Self F5, coming off a dominant win, scour the landscape for any kind of competition.

Sat 19 Nov 2:36pm

Don't forget to ballot for a wrestler to be saved you have less than 24 hours:

Sat 19 Nov 2:45pm

So is it whoever gets the most votes is saved or is there gonna be a 2nd vote in chat?

Sat 19 Nov 3:29pm

There's two rounds:
First a ballot where you can submit a wrestler or wrestlers as many times as you like.

Second we count all the ballots and the ten with the most ballots will then be put to a vote.

The wrestler with the most votes in the second round will be brought to the Epoch during the next month of ChronoSLAM

Sun 20 Nov 10:29am

It's up on YouTube:

Month 1 - Talent Initiative

Fri 4 Nov 7:22pm

Each month we'll be allowing viewers and fans to vote on who the Epoch should save from the terrible time stream event...

For two weeks we will allow users to ballot stuff suggestions. After two weeks the most popular suggestions will be put to a vote and the winner will be brought into the roster during the next month.

Here's this month's ballot stuffer:

>pic unrelated

Thread was locked:
Ballot is OVER, the poll begins:
https://goo.gl/forms/uuvQeOgAwcPVPWA93 - redreddington

Wed 16 Nov 6:53am

Just to keep y'all up to speed the NXT Pack is now available to download which means Nakamura, Nia Jax and Apollo Crews are available to be balloted.

And you can ballot stuff (i.e. vote more than once) at this stage.

Tonight is the first and biggest of a long line of shows. A payoff to an entire year of stories that you've never seen. Get ready for the Greatest Fest of the Summer.

Airs on beam.pro/lolwrestling tonight at 10PM GMT/5PM EST
Will be available on LOLWrestling's YouTube channel after the broadcast.

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Sat 12 Nov 10:30am

>No Holds Barred
>Dusty Rhodes vs. The Undertaker
It's the American Dream versus the American Nightmare. Dusty Rhodes holds an amazing thirty second victory over the Undertaker, and the Undertaker has been out for revenge ever since. The Undertaker has held a firm grip of fear over the Chronoslam locker room, with his gang of Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt in toe. This is a story of the most powerful men on the roster. Who comes out on top when the rules have gone out the window?

Sat 12 Nov 10:40am

>Sin Cara

Sat 12 Nov 12:56pm

Here's hoping i'm off work in time to see MY BOY AJ send Kofi KIngston back home to the GHOST ZONE

Sat 12 Nov 4:14pm

Let's hope gravity doesn't screw him over again.

Sun 13 Nov 2:30am

Every Title was retained. Yet somehow it was still one of the greatest PPVs in the history of our sport.

That's the power of Bolieving.


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