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Why is the site yellow?

Fri 23 Dec 8:25am

I generally forget to do stuff, and sometimes shit goes wrong or isn't working, so if you spot something that doesn't work feel free to post it here and I'll have a look at it.

Thread was locked:
Because Stone Kane Steve Austin said so... - redreddington

Candince LeRae & Mia Yim

Mon 24 Jul 8:39am

Could you guys please add Candice & Mia to the list of wrestlers for the draft machine please? :)

Sun 30 Jul 10:03pm

Done :)

Why is the site yellow?

Wed 31 May 5:11am

how do i delete my account

Sat 3 Jun 10:09am

Apologies, have fixed that.

If you log in to your account
Click the profile icon on the top right
Go to "Your profile"
Then click "Edit your profile"

There should be an option on the right that says "Delete Account"

Sat 3 Jun 10:13am

If you did not sign up yourself and believe your account was registered by someone else/spam listing.

Could you let me know in the thread and we'll dig into how that happened.

Apologies if this was the case.

2k23 draft not working

Fri 5 May 6:13am

I hope you can find a way to make it like 2k22 where once someone is drafted to a show that’s it they can’t be selected again because greying out certain superstars to make them ineligible for the draft and they were picked anyways & once someone was drafted they still got selected again as if they were not already drafted which is super frustrating. Hope I don’t sound like a jerk for asking for you to fix this lol

Fri 12 May 7:21am

No, not at all.

Could you give me a step by step on how to replicate that issue?

For example:
- go to the draft machine
- select interactive mode
- click Brock Lesnar
- Brock is drafted to a show and is greyed out

If I click Brock Lesnar again I can't draft him again?

Fri 12 May 3:42pm

Oh hey, me again - I played about with this for a while and found out you were 100% right and I replicated it.

If I drafted everyone bar one person and then ran the "Random Draft" option, it would try and draft from everyone.

Silly bug. I have squashed it now :D

(obviously if that's not what you meant then let me know)

Sat 13 May 6:31am

Thank you so much I appreciate it ????

Sat 13 May 6:31am

I put an emoji and it replaced it with question marks my bad lol

Sat 13 May 11:32am

No problem.

2KDrafter News

Sat 25 Feb 8:42am

Yes, we're going to be updating the 2KDrafter Tool to have the WWE 2K23 roster... sort of.

I've actually been working on an overhaul of the code to allow support for multiple rosters, that way we're not completely alienating those people who are still playing the old games - and it will allow us to support the upcoming AEW game as well.

Plan is to release this before the 14th March and then work on some possible upgrades and updates to features like an "Auto Draft" which allows you to say "create me x shows, with x wrestlers on each" and does the draft in a few seconds.

Thank you to all of you who have used the tool; it does remain the most popular page on this hodgepodge of a website and hope it will be going forward.

Feel free to join our Discord (link in the footer of the site) or comment below with any feedback or suggestions.

pic related will always be drafted to your show

Sat 25 Feb 8:45am

he'll always be on your show
you just can't see him

Sun 12 Mar 2:50pm

Update is done. Going for a walk, be back in an hour let me know what breaks :)

Tue 14 Mar 12:50pm

Some people are reporting issues with the 2K22 roster not working.

Your browser has likely cached the old roster JSON file, try a hard refresh of the page or delete temporary files for your browser for this site.


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