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Why is the site yellow?

Thu 9 Mar 2:49pm


Thu 9 Mar 9:08pm

See the thread below?

The game won't be released until the 14th, plan is to get the draft tool updated for the 12th.

AEW Full Gear - fujiBET Rulings

Mon 21 Nov 9:29pm


There's probably gonna be some questions regarding interference on the fujiBET! for Full Gear.
As always the rules on these decisions are available on the site here:

>Luchasaurus vs. Jungle Boy
Christian was never physically involved with either competitor - therefore NO INTERFERENCE

>Elite vs. Death Triangle
Somehow Michael Nakazawa ended up in the pile on the top rope rana spot - therefore INTERFERENCE

>Nyla Rose vs. Jade Cargill
Keira Hogan was attacked by Nyla BEFORE the bell - therefore NO INTERFERENCE

>Moxley vs. MJF
Regal passed the brass knuckles to MJF, not a physical altercation therefore - NO INTERFERENCE

>pic related will interfere in on your next sit down family meal

hay guys i searched for my site

Wed 3 Nov 11:42pm

And I found y'all. Pretty sweet. I haven't really figured out where actually predictions take place, but I don't really watch much wrestling anymore. I did see CM Punk return, I should maybe check out more than just that initial episode, but I didn't even know what that promotion was - hell, I can't even think of - oh, AEW I think - yeah, it seems like it's probably pretty cool.

But when I stopped watching - really, Shawn Michaels' retirement is when I lost my smile - that was the main reason I took my site down. I did do some weird bet where if Trump won I was taking it down, though at the time I really didn't think he would win, kinda got a lot of weird reactions on Twitter for that. People thinking I clearly knew Trump would win and made the bet as some easy way out, other people just annoyed I would end the site like that (but a bet's a bet). I did want out, though, but the site was also my baby so it would have been a tough decision to make really. Losing that bet unexpectedly was probably the best thing - otherwise I'd have just gotten sloppier and sloppier entering results every 2 weeks. Cause by 2014, it was such a chore running the site - and I never made money doing it or anything. I'd sometimes watch the PPVs in the background, but then that last year for sure I was just reading the results, trying to double-check everything as best I could, and praying I hadn't missed an interference or some wonky finish (TNA - ARGH).

But I will always have a love for wrestling, and I liked running it for other wrestling fans even once I had stopped watching.. since at least back then, there was such a stigma attached to being a fan. Part of why I liked the whole idea of it in the first place was that, for me, a lot of the intrigue was in how the writers would decide to move storylines. Of course, I love great wrestling, too, but the whole thing about the writing is something that is lost on people who aren't fans. I always liked writing fantasy wrestling storylines when I was younger (a bit cringe to me now, at least what I wrote for sure). And I liked trying to figure out what the writers would do that would make the most sense. Of course, after running the website, especially during the big John Cena years, it became clear that it was always best to pick against what seemed like the right decision for the writers to make. But that was the "intellectual" side to being a wrestling fan that no one but fans understood. Always annoyed me the way people who didn't like it just couldn't get past the basic stereotypical things - "it's fake, guys in underwear, {insert various derogatory terms for lower-class white people}".

Anyway, I have no idea how many people are active here, I haven't looked around much, I was just kinda excited to see that someone wanted to roll with the idea from my site and actually mentioned it! Super cool, thanks for the mention.

Tue 9 Nov 8:59am

Oh hey :)

Welcome to the site, not many people use the boards, but you can find the predictions game at https://www.lolwrestling.com/play/fujibet/

October 2021 - Quota Ibushi

Fri 1 Oct 8:14am

Forgive the boomer moment. If you're as old as me you're probably in the group of people where the one thing you never did was pay for something on the internet. However times have changed it's a world of bits, super chats, subscriptions and Patreon.

So LOLWrestling.com now has a Patreon:

I always want this site to remain free to use and have been hesitant any step towards holding the site's users hostage.

I want to make it really clear that regardless of donations the site will remain operational. The reality is that servers cost money to run, domain registrations need renewing and web services need paying.

I've kept costs pretty much to a minimum due to the size of the site and the activity on it. Unfortunately we've recently hit our quota on emails per day to the point where due to the number of users we can't sent out any emails after the fujiBET reminders go out for an event.

It's not a cost that's going to break the bank but it put things in perspective. The site costs around £30/month to run and after talking it over with a few people I decided to launch a Patreon for the site for those who want to contribute something.

It's 100% voluntary, anything contributed will go to maintenance and running this place.

Thank you for being with us on this journey and I hope we can continue to provide for you.

>pic related will now be the obligatory picture for the Patreon tier

... all your old accounts (apparently).

>TL;DR if haven't resigned up and want your old account back go to http://lolwrestling.com/activate-account/resend/ and you should be able to enter your email for your old account and re-activate it
>If you've already set up a new account, speak to red_ in Discord

Someone mentioned to me last night that even though their old fujiBET! account had been deleted they were getting the reminder emails and that puzzled me.

There was an issue with our email service over the COVID period meaning emails weren't going out. The site also deletes inactive accounts after six months of inactivity - you are supposed to get a warning email to say "we're gonna delete your account" unfortunately because the email service failed no one got that email...

... however due to some bad logic in that user deletion code the accounts are still there and connected to their fujiBET! accounts still...

So as a temporary measure until the 1st October 2021, I'm allowing the reactivation of old accounts. All you need to do to re-activate your old account is go to http://lolwrestling.com/activate-account/resend/ enter your email and you should get a link to reactivate your account.

However there are 15 users who have re-signed up with the same email and now technically have two accounts - if you (think) fit into this category, jump on Discord and I can sort out merging your accounts together.

>pic related will show up at All Out and attack CM Punk

Sat 21 Aug 8:37am

>mfw when Vince digs up the corpse of Roddy and throws it at CM Punk from the crowd

Sat 21 Aug 10:49am

>mfw waking up from a several year slumber on /eldub/


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