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Current Rankings

1st ShinGokuIAM 520
1st Jobber #12584 520
1st Wonga 520
4th salad 505
5th The Squirt Business 495
5th SuccBoi 495
7th KickOut 480
8th eaglebelt 470
9th Purodesu 465
10th Masterojack 460
10th NAG 460
12th DillPickle 455
13th Haypil 430
14th ZARDOZ! 415
15th DarkOrder2021 410
16th Dadadington 405
17th Mountain Dew McIntyre 395
18th westim 380
19th Creed285 375
20th activeuseraccount 370
21st MKV 355
22nd Erotolepsy 345
23rd Squitman 330
24th cmong 320
24th Terofyin 320
26th CoominRider 310
27th plainity 305
28th gnpopf 300
29th TheRoonDogg 285
30th Ashicide 280

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If gaining imaginary internet points over people that you don't know doesn't satisfy you why not collect some people together and lord over them

Yes now you can request to set up a league of your own for fujiBET! and compete amongst yourselves

You can join as many leagues as you like, or none at all.

You can request to start a new league or ask to join one of the existing leagues below