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WWE SmackDOWN! - 13th March 2018

Tue 20 Mar 9:27pm

blah blah blah


pic related is hyped about Bryan coming back

Tue 20 Mar 9:27pm

20th. Not 13th.

Sorry, bit too hype right now to post right.

Tue 20 Mar 9:38pm

Dammit Raspy!
Nah you did good and didn't even post about Curtis Axel.

WWE SmackDOWN! - 13th March 2018

Tue 13 Mar 8:10pm

Wait Jhon challenged Taker, oh shit son... and Shane was on RAW and not SmackDOWN.

What the kayfabababa breaking shit is this...
>Shane McMahon to make a WrestleMania announcement
>Asuka to make her first SmackDown LIVE appearance after challenging Charlotte Flair
>AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura’s Road to WrestleMania begins
>How will Randy Orton deal with the target on his back?
>How have The Bludgeon Brothers changed the SmackDown Tag Team division?

pic related will appear on Smackdown

Tue 13 Mar 8:11pm

oh shit MDOGG20 on the SD shit

Tue 13 Mar 8:26pm

It other news! Red_Reddington apparently sucks at coding.

At least according to himself.

Tue 13 Mar 8:28pm

Apparently he just sucks at embedding images for the site on discord or whatever.

Ignore my comments and move on.

... And Smackdown still looks shit.

Tue 13 Mar 8:35pm

I disagree:
>NakNak vs. AJ
>Oscar vs. Shallot Flare
>Bob Bob vs. OR tan() vs. Hinder Mahalalalalalalalalalalalaelelelelelelelel
>some sort of clusterfuck with Shane/Owens/Zayn

This shit looks hawt

Wed 14 Mar 2:29pm

And Shane did say he was gonna stop appearing...

WWE RAW - 12th March 2018

Mon 12 Mar 11:22am

Welp that's it guys and gals, another round of PPVs wrapped up in a bow... it's only build now, ya know writing and pacing. Four weeks of it, FOUR WEEKS.

We've learnt that Asuka isn't going to be facing Bliss so that leaves her without a contender, although she did bully Jax last week so that's a possibility.

Also Roman has been all FIGHT ME IRL BORK and BORK's been all "lel pay me"... so we've got that to look forward to...

Here's to the next FOUR WEEKS.

>The Big Dog and the “entitled” Universal Champion meet face-to-face
>Can Bayley and Sasha Banks mend their fractured friendship?
>Braun Strowman is a Monster Among Men and a Maestro Among Monsters
>Will Ronda Rousey regret putting her hands on Stephanie McMahon?
>When will “The Ultimate Deletion” take place?

pic related will be emasculated in order to satiate Stephanie's lack of a penis

Mon 12 Mar 11:22am

I am completely OK with Dolph having his dick chopped off.

Mon 12 Mar 11:23am

Also no mention of Cena on this, which is odd.

Tue 13 Mar 10:26am

A fucking Moolah Memorial Battle Royal...

Can't wait for the [NAME REDACTED] Memorial Battle Royal in a couple years.

Tue 13 Mar 10:26am

Seriously though, when the fuck will WWE stop pretending Moolah was a good person?

Tue 13 Mar 8:08pm

When there's a posthumous conviction and then they'll probably stop mentioning them.
Don't expect apologies or retcons, that only happens on Twitter.

WWE SmackDOWN! - 6th March 2018

Tue 6 Mar 8:17am

Apparently it's FastLane this Sunday. Who knew?! fujiBET!s will go up after this. Maybe we can make this a seven way match for the title, seems like this land of opportunity is just a way for people to get to Wrestlemania.

>Randy Orton battles Jinder Mahal before his first-ever U.S. Title Match at WWE Fastlane
>WWE Champion AJ Styles faces Dolph Ziggler ahead of Six-Pack Challenge
>Charlotte Flair and Ruby Riott come face to face before SmackDown Women’s Title Match
>Will Becky Lynch and Carmella come to blows?

pic related will be interjected into the WWE title match... just cos...

WWE RAW - 5th March 2018

Mon 5 Mar 9:06pm

The Road to Wrestlemania continues, and the attempt to sell travel packages to Survivor Series continues...

Anyway on RAW:
>Asuka’s undefeated streak on the line against Nia Jax
>How will Ronda Rousey repay Triple H and Stephanie McMahon?
>Why didn’t Lesnar confront Reigns?
>Who will face The Miz at WrestleMania?
>Will Elias “get these hands”?

pic related will punch Kurt Angle

Mon 5 Mar 9:08pm

It's still really weird that Ronda is here

Mon 5 Mar 10:50pm

By all accounts she probably should have been fired.


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