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Sat 4 Jul 5:55pm


Welcome back to WWF ATTITUDE - the greatest time ever to be a wrestling fan. If you never watched it - now is your chance to experience it. If you miss it - now is your chance to relive it.

WWF ATTITUDE is a real, time-period based E-Fed taking you back to a time when wrestling was the greatest thing on earth. When every show mattered. When every superstar had a purpose. When characters were larger than life itself. When everything felt big. When every crowd was electric. When there wasn't a cellphone in sight.

These days will never return in real life. There will never be another era like it - and this is an E-Fed experience like never before.

Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment

Sun 21 Jun 9:36pm


Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment is a new up and coming real wrestler based roleplay board that is looking for members who want to have fun and emerge themselves in the exciting world of wrestling. We still have great names still availiable so come on and join us on this road to stardom.


Sun 19 Apr 5:47am

Fury has officially reopened as a caw based efed. We allow people to play up to three characters max. We are starting off fresh again and we have one bi weekly show which is Tuesday Night Fury. We will be crowning the champions in the next few weeks to months if we can get enough people interested in joining. Our link is http://fwa.jcink.net

All Elite Wrestling

Fri 5 Jul 7:37pm

All Elite Wrestling is a efed that was created in june of 2019. We feature 4 titles to be won, biweekly show. Our link is http://aewwrestling.jcink.net


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