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The Conjectural History of ChronoSLAM

Wed 21 Dec 6:53am

Ch 3: BTTW:

BTTW (Battle of the Time Travelling Wrestlers) was supposed to be the epic culmination of Red's time travelling quest, but he was met with some problems. The first of these were that he forgot to find a crowd. He solved this by creating a hologram machine to create a fake crowd. Unfortunately he was met with another problem in doing this. The machine only produced around 400 people, meaning Red had to remove almost every single light in the gigantic time machine so you could only see the 400 holograms. The second problem was that Red had nowhere to broadcast this landmark event. So searched through time to find a suitable broadcasting station. The first thing he found was YouTube. So he set up an account and was ready to show BTTW. Once again, he was met with another problem in doing this. Some time bullshit messed up the quality of the cameras when the first episode was being sent, meaning it looked like a wrestling game from 2013 filmed in low quality. The problems didn't end there because he forgot one more thing, commentary. Red wouldn't realise that he had forgotten any commentary until it was way too late (as in 5 shows too late). Despite all of these problems BTTW ran for 5 shows (4 "regular" episodes and a Special Event). That's when some weird stuff began to happen. Wrestlers who weren't originally saved by the EPOCH started showing up, wrestlers who were originally saved started to disappear and there were more and the crowd got bigger and realer then all of a sudden time just imploded... and then reformed. This time everything was different. The majority of the roster was different, the EPOCH had a different look and there were new championships. These championships were: The Infinite Championship (The main title), The Limitless Championship, The Parallel Championships and the Fortuna Championship (Women's Title). Other notable changes were: There were finally commentators (Red was one of them), Sin Cara was the GM, the cameras had improved and the name of the promotion was no longer BTTW, it was now ChronoSLAM.

Thu 22 Dec 11:58am

The Conjectural History of ChronoSLAM

Ch 4 Pt 1: Fortuna Championship
The Fortuna Championship is the youngest of the ChronoSLAM Championships (Being introduced in Month 8 of the 26 months of ChronoSLAM Year 1) It exists solely to give the Fortuna 4 something to do.

1) Tamina (3 Months)
2) Asuka (9 Months)
3) Eva Marie (1 Month)
4) Asuka (3 Months)
5) Paige (Ongoing, as of Year 1)

Longest Title Reign: Asuka (9 Months)
Shortest Title Reign: Eva Marie (1 Month)
Most Title Reigns: Asuka (2)
Most Title Defenses: Asuka (11, During Reign 1)
Least Title Defenses: Eva Marie (1)
Longest Title Match: Asuka vs Paige 2 (15:32)
Shortest Title Match: Asuka vs Marie 2 (5:12)
Sorry for any historical errors.

Thu 22 Dec 7:34pm

The Conjectural History of ChronoSLAM

Ch 4 Pt 2: Being introduced in Month 4 of Year 1 of ChronoSLAM, the Parallel Championships have given ChronoSLAM some of it's greatest matches ever like: Self-F5 vs Hit Squad (Wyatt and Joe specifically) or Ass Blasting Disasters vs Swamp Demons . The Parallel Championships have also brought together two wrestlers who haven't done too well as singles competitors (Pilldust, Swamp Demons).
1) Ass Blasting Disasters (5 Months)
2) PillDust (4 Months)
3) Swap Demons (2 Months)
4) Hit Squad (7 Months)
5) Self-F5 (Ongoing, as of Year 1)
Longest Title Reign: Hit Squad (7 Months)
Shortest Title Reign: Swamp Demons (2 Months)
Most Title Reigns: No one
Most Title Defenses: Hit Squad (9)
Least Title Defenses: Swamp Demons (3)
Longest Title Match: Hit Squad vs Self-F5 (25:28)
Shortest Title Match: Hit Squad vs Pilldust (13:44)
-Hit Squad used the Freebird rule during their 7 month title reign.

Feel free to point out any mistakes I made.

Fri 23 Dec 8:13am

If you want to be historically accurate the champions were assigned during the initial roster save.

You're pretty spot on with the Fortuna Championship reigns - and you do have a knack for writing.

We've been talking about putting up some sort of ChronoSLAM site together on the website and doing some sort of article based thing discussing the various aspects of the show - would you be interested in that?

Fri 23 Dec 8:35am

I'm interested. Also, now that you've told me the champs were assigned during the initial save, consider the parts where I say what month the titles were introduced not canon.

Fri 23 Dec 5:23pm

The Conjectural History of ChronoSLAM
Ch 4 Pt 3: Limitless Championship
The Limitless championship was first awarded to Dusty Rhodes after the initial save. Many consider the title the most prestigious title in ChronoSLAM due to the amount of big names that have held the title.
1) Dusty Rhodes (2 Months)
2) Roman Reigns (4 Months)
3) Rusev (5 Months)
4) Diesel (8 Months)
5) Dusty Rhodes (4 Months)
6) Kofi Kingston (Ongoing, as of Year 1)
Longest Title Reign: Diesel (7 Months)
Shortest Title Reign: Dusty Rhodes (2 Months, Reign 1)
Most Title Reigns: Dusty Rhodes (2)
Most Title Defenses: Diesel (35)
Least Title Defenses: Dusty Rhodes (2, During Reign 1)
Longest Title Match: Rhodes vs Diesel, Last Man Standing (26:33)
Shortest Title Match: Roman Reigns vs Butch (00:14)
-Dusty Rhodes' first title reign was cut short due to a back injury he suffered during his title match with Andre the Giant. He managed to finish the match and won by count out.
-During Diesel's iconic Limitless title reign he became a double champion after winning the Infinite Championship.

Fri 23 Dec 5:46pm

Don't forget to point out any historical errors.