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ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Episode 4

Sun 18 Dec 7:57am

>Show starts at 8PM GMT/3PM EST
>Will be shown on https://beam.pro/LOLWrestling

Tonight on ChronoSLAM...

Just hours away from the Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport the Infinite Champion AJ Styles wants the Undertaker to prove that he's looking forwards by teaming up against his stable mates The Hit Squad. With champion set to defend his title is this a miscalculation as AJ finds himself surrounded by all three members of the Hit Squad.

Last week Diamond Dallas Page got his win back over Stardust. More controversial to some was the handshake between the two opponents after the match. Tonight their partners Brock Lesnar and Brian Pillman will meet in the ring. Can Self F5 build more momentum towards The Ninth Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport?

A fortnight ago the Ass Blasting Disasters almost had a clean sweep over the Swamp Demons. Tonight the Swamp Demons have asked for a rematch. With renewed confidence can the Swamp Demons upset the inaugural Parallel Champions or will the Ass Blasting Disasters dominate the tag division once again?

Also Asuka vs. Paige for the ninth time