"...and welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, moments ago on this very broadcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin was taken out by Chris Jericho. Tazz, play us through the scene."

"Well uh Cole, you know what they say in Brooklyn? When you get your spaghetti and your o's mixed up, something gotta get popped, and that's what happened Austin baby."

"Tazz, I don't think they say that in Brooklyn, nor do I think they say that anywhere you goof! This was merely just an attack by Jericho because of his jealously!"

"Cole, do you see the scorn on Stephanie's face? Like they say in Brooklyn, a woman's stare is as dangerous as Jack The Ripper at a Sunday School!"

"Tazz, what are you even on about? Anyway, lets get some expert thoughts from the Spanish Announce Team."