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2k23 draft not working

Fri 5 May 6:13am

I hope you can find a way to make it like 2k22 where once someone is drafted to a show that’s it they can’t be selected again because greying out certain superstars to make them ineligible for the draft and they were picked anyways & once someone was drafted they still got selected again as if they were not already drafted which is super frustrating. Hope I don’t sound like a jerk for asking for you to fix this lol

Fri 12 May 7:21am

No, not at all.

Could you give me a step by step on how to replicate that issue?

For example:
- go to the draft machine
- select interactive mode
- click Brock Lesnar
- Brock is drafted to a show and is greyed out

If I click Brock Lesnar again I can't draft him again?

Fri 12 May 3:42pm

Oh hey, me again - I played about with this for a while and found out you were 100% right and I replicated it.

If I drafted everyone bar one person and then ran the "Random Draft" option, it would try and draft from everyone.

Silly bug. I have squashed it now :D

(obviously if that's not what you meant then let me know)

Sat 13 May 6:31am

Thank you so much I appreciate it ????

Sat 13 May 6:31am

I put an emoji and it replaced it with question marks my bad lol

Sat 13 May 11:32am

No problem.