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ChronoSLAM - Season 2 - Episode 6

Sat 11 Feb 2:34pm

>Saturday 11th February - 6PM GMT/12PM EST

The Undertaker has refused AJ Styles a rematch for the Infinite Championship - the fans of the Epoch have ruled this is unjustified and a compromise has been reached by our General Manager Sin Cara: AJ will face Undertaker tonight one on one, if AJ beats the Undertaker he will face the American Nightmare at Fallout, if he loses then a new No1 Contender will be named.

Matches on this episode:
- Falls Count Anywhere: Rusev vs. Samoa Joe (1:20)
- Sin Cara vs. Roman Reigns (13:19)
- Zack Ryder vs. Stunning Steve Austin (23:00)
- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Stardust (31:56)
- LIMITLESS CHAMPIONSHIP: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes (37:08)
- AJ Styles vs. Undertaker - if AJ wins he will face the Undertaker at Fallout (45:50)

Sat 11 Feb 2:35pm

>mfw I don't post logged in

Sat 11 Feb 4:01pm

>Falls Count Anywhere: Rusev vs. Samoa Joe (1:20)

Well... That's not gonna go well for any of them.

Sat 11 Feb 4:15pm

I left the YouTube timestamps on... D:

Sat 11 Feb 6:15pm

Waaah Waaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Sat 11 Feb 7:06pm

Well! Let's hope everybody can make it next time!