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Ch 1: The Future

2073 A.D: The planet Wrestling (Wrestling is it's own planet now) is dangerously shaken by the death of Supreme Overlord Bartholomew Hardy (Son of Maxel). Bartholomew was not the best planner and, since he did not have any children or younger relatives, did not plan for who he wanted as the next Supreme Overlord of Wrestling. This sparked a shoot war known as "Fall Brawl". The war would tear Wrestling apart to the point of Apocalypto.

2081 A.D: After the conclusion of Fall Brawl, Wrestling is in ruins. There is no civilisation left on the planet... Except for two people. Two childhood friends, who are also advanced engineers, know as Red Reddington and Matthew Rixon. They have been living on Wrestling as a part of the Fans (The lowest class of citizen on this planet) for years and years. When Fall Brawl began they knew that it would end in complete and utter destruction, but they weren't going to let Wrestling die this way, so they began on the boldest and craziest journey of all time. Matt and Red would create a gigantic time machine known as the EPOCH. After eight years of construction they had thought that they would be ready to go on their epic journey but they have forgotten one key ingredient to power their time machine... Heart and Soul. Matt immediately decides to sacrifice himself to power the EPOCH. Red tried and tried for hours to convince Matt otherwise but there was no negotiating. Matt Began pouring his heart and soul into the EPOCH and away Red went as he began his epic quest through space and time to save Wrestling.

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Mon 19 Dec 7:56pm

>Matt immediately decides to sacrifice himself to power the EPOCH
mfw Matt died to save wrestling

Mon 19 Dec 8:02pm

I think it should be canon that the last Bastion of Wrestling was the Hardy Compound who embarked on a war of attrition with the Wyatt Compound.

Tue 20 Dec 8:29am

Pretty good overall. But there's one big issue with this thing.

No Bo... Come on dude! We all know how important his part is in this adventure!

Tue 20 Dec 8:35am

Sorry but I was given the go ahead just to make up stuff if I didn't know the exact details.

Tue 20 Dec 8:46am

It's alright, i forgive you.

You just need to Bolieve in what you're making up. that'll just as good.

Tue 20 Dec 2:57pm

Raspy what the fuck, how do you get these giant images D:

Tue 20 Dec 3:08pm

I Bolieve in myself.