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Current Rankings

1st KickOut 795
2nd BoalyPrime 785
3rd kpaq00 780
4th TheRoonDogg 730
5th salad 720
6th ShinGokuIAM 690
7th Ashicide 635
8th ZARDOZ! 620
9th DarkOrder2021 585
10th Purodesu 580
11th Mountain Dew McIntyre 575
11th Jobber #11855 575
11th Jobber #12584 575
14th Erotolepsy 570
15th TripleAAA 525
16th DarkBahamut95 495
17th MKV 485
18th The Garza's Rose 460
19th loganbrehh 450
19th CaptainWacky 450
19th NJBrock22 450
22nd itsdakillaninja 420
23rd thetruebubba 415
24th buttocks 405
25th Dadadington 385
26th redreddington 370
26th ParalysedBeaver 370
28th The Faith Breaker 360
29th Uce 280
30th DashingCN 265

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If gaining imaginary internet points over people that you don't know doesn't satisfy you why not collect some people together and lord over them

Yes now you can request to set up a league of your own for fujiBET! and compete amongst yourselves

You can join as many leagues as you like, or none at all.

You can request to start a new league or ask to join one of the existing leagues below