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Why is the site yellow?

Fri 23 Dec 8:25am

I generally forget to do stuff, and sometimes shit goes wrong or isn't working, so if you spot something that doesn't work feel free to post it here and I'll have a look at it.

Thread was locked:
Because Stone Kane Steve Austin said so... - redreddington

... all your old accounts (apparently).

>TL;DR if haven't resigned up and want your old account back go to http://lolwrestling.com/activate-account/resend/ and you should be able to enter your email for your old account and re-activate it
>If you've already set up a new account, speak to red_ in Discord

Someone mentioned to me last night that even though their old fujiBET! account had been deleted they were getting the reminder emails and that puzzled me.

There was an issue with our email service over the COVID period meaning emails weren't going out. The site also deletes inactive accounts after six months of inactivity - you are supposed to get a warning email to say "we're gonna delete your account" unfortunately because the email service failed no one got that email...

... however due to some bad logic in that user deletion code the accounts are still there and connected to their fujiBET! accounts still...

So as a temporary measure until the 1st October 2021, I'm allowing the reactivation of old accounts. All you need to do to re-activate your old account is go to http://lolwrestling.com/activate-account/resend/ enter your email and you should get a link to reactivate your account.

However there are 15 users who have re-signed up with the same email and now technically have two accounts - if you (think) fit into this category, jump on Discord and I can sort out merging your accounts together.

>pic related will show up at All Out and attack CM Punk

Sat 21 Aug 8:37am

>mfw when Vince digs up the corpse of Roddy and throws it at CM Punk from the crowd

Sat 21 Aug 10:49am

>mfw waking up from a several year slumber on /eldub/

>pic related will debut at Fight for the Fallen and beat Kenny Omega for the title at All Out


It has been a while. The last real update on the site was in February 2020 - Elimination Chamber where almost every single match features someone no longer with WWE. Amazing.

I'll spare you a lengthy excuse ridden post; COVID happened, things got tough for everyone, stuff fell by the wayside. Then #SpeakingOut happened and honestly I fell out of love with something I'd enjoyed watching for a large part of my life.

Well I'm now in a place where I think I can start working on the site more often than not and I got recently motivated by a super secret project that I'm working on for a certain someone... plus with fans now back in attendance wrestling actually feels like something I want to watch.

Anywho - fujiBET! is making a return, I'm starting Season 10 which will run to the end of the year we're kicking off with Fight for the Fallen which is now available for people to go predict.

Season 9, I will aim to get through as best I can in the coming weeks. I'm still looking for someone to help with getting predictions sorted as I know people like their results ASAP. I'm much like Heath Slater (the one man band, not the kids part).

Please drop into the Discord if you're having issues with sign ups/logging in and prod me and I'll have a look into what's up - I imagine someone people's accounts have been flagged as inactive, plus our email service went walkabout over 2020 which was FUN!

Anywho, it feels like wrestling is back and fun again...

Hope you're all doing well,

Sun 25 Jul 10:52am

>mfw "Hey yo"


Sun 18 Oct 1:26pm

Hi peeps i like pizza


Sun 18 Oct 8:11am



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