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August Update - FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Tue 22 Aug 6:10pm

Haven’t done an update for five months...

Hello, I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants the last few weeks working on some super secret stuff. Pushed it live about half an hour ago found a really cool bug where all the Javascript doubled up.

Since the last update a lot of stuff has happened. Let’s start with the G1. I’ve not really had much feedback on the whole FUJIBET thing some people said it was fine and actually liked the fact that results for the most part came out on the day of the shows. Special thanks to Raspeymorton for taking the lead there and getting those results out on time.

There have been some grumbles that 90 matches across 18 cards got exhausting; especially from those who aren’t really following the NJPW stuff. Overall only about half of the regular WWE FUJIBET players took part but the whole event has seen one of the biggest traffic hikes we’ve had (second only to the JTG anniversary).

I’m definitely considering running it next year but it might run as it’s own season as there were complaints that people simply stacked points on the G1. I was toying with the idea of offering leagues the option to pick which companies and which events they wanted to enter into, but it makes things a bit complex when you want to display a season leaderboard. It’s on the stove, just a bit towards the back.

Our season winner is Blancanon, and as per their prize is a feature request on the site (within reason), so if you know Blancanon ask them to post below what they would like to be added.

Tue 22 Aug 6:20pm

Brings us nicely round to “hey what about that kpaq guy”. Our previous season winner was kpaq00 who requested the addition of “eventless questions” that could be posted periodically as per the ol’ FourDown site. Well I’ve been working on and off it for the last five months, it’s on the site there’s just a few teething issues.

Hopefully once I get those nailed the first batch will get posted to open up Season Three of FUJIBET, they’ll mostly come under the banner of “Who will be X champion at end of Wrestlemania” and will close towards the Royal Rumble. The third season will run from probably No Mercy until Wrestlemania.

There’s a couple of backend fixes that have gone through mainly the Wrestler of the Day board now automatically posts a thread along with the tweet that goes out.

The image gallery now has an entire set of screencaps from Season 1 of Lucha Underground – a genuinely mammoth task of watching 40 episodes of a show and ultimately regretting not writing up a series of articles on each episode for the site.

The gallery has also seen a little refactoring in that tag searching is now available. Plus you can restrict the tag search to only bring back images with just the tags you’ve searched.

Otherwise that’s pretty much it.

As always any feedback, suggestions and problems drop them here and I’ll pick ‘em up :)

Tue 22 Aug 7:53pm

The NJPW G1 stuff needs sorting out. For what is basically an "event" on the same level as the Rumble it has a disproportionate point value or number of questions. Not necessarily both. As the user statistics already suggest, FUJIbet interest dropped off half way through the G1 most likely due to the sheer amount of stuff required to make predictions. A suggestion would be to either separate it from the normal season or to change how its approached on a point value or question level.

Tue 22 Aug 8:54pm

Still don't get why people don't just quickly power through the questions after they come up... Am I really the only one who does that?

Seriously, I just went on it after they got uploaded, and just picked the guys I knew/Whoever had the coolest name (I didn't really know much about NJPW...)

Tue 22 Aug 11:39pm

>As the user statistics already suggest, FUJIbet interest dropped off half way through the G1 most likely due to the sheer amount of stuff required to make predictions.

That's not true, the interest didn't drop off at all. I only said that compared to WWE shows there was about half the interest the actual data (see the table on the right) shows that there was on average around 45 people that showed up for the event.

The Day 18 card literally went up hours before it closed, even I forgot to do prediction for it and I put it up

Tue 22 Aug 11:42pm

Based on Google Analytics usually 10 people go to the site on the day the event is released and the majority tend to wait until the last minute to submit predictions.

This is largely as kpaq pointed out that there are last minute adjustments in the betting odds when the "smart" money comes in.

Wed 23 Aug 6:42am

A few suggestions:
For next year's G1, to prevent it from being worth so many points, I'd just make it its own separate league. I'd also like to see ppvs from other promotions, such as ROH or Dragon Gate, but since not as many people follow those promotions they could be worth less points in total than NJPW or WWE events.

As for features, it would be cool to predict each major roster member's status at the end of the year, for WWE and maybe NJPW. There would be categories asking for their alignment (face/heel/tweener), if they win titles, what brand they stay on (if applicable), or if they get released.

Wed 23 Aug 8:42am

>G1 as it's own league
Probably will be it's own season next year, that way it can stay separate as it's pretty much it's own season. Though I'll look into doing the whole company split thing per league.

>predicting face/heel/tweener
Gosh. Probably harder than deciding whether something is interference or not. I mean is Roman a heel because the crowd boos him or a face because that's how he's booked? Bit tricky to define.

>title stuff
Definitely going to be releasing a batch of questions for WWE about who will hold each title at the end of Wrestlemania so that'll be thing

>brand or if they get released
Man that's morbid, but I do like the idea of pick one answer but there's multiple potential answers...

I'll look into those :)

And congratulations on your win!